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Postnuptial Agreements Drafted With Attention To Detail

Similar to a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement allows for individuals already married to agree to terms pertaining to property, finances, IRAs and other assets. Some couples utilize postnuptial agreements to specify which spouse is entitled to property procured during the marriage. It can also be a tool for determining the amount of support to be paid following a marriage, and can provide guidance regarding operation of a family-run business in the event of divorce or death of one of the spouses. Such agreements can also address providing support to children from a former marriage.

Lauzon Paluch in Los Angeles reviews and drafts postnuptial agreements for clients throughout Southern California. Peter Lauzon is a highly respected family law attorney, and has been providing such services for close to 25 years. He understands the broad range of concerns you as a spouse face, and he addresses possible contingencies when drafting a postnuptial agreement for you.

The Purpose A Postnuptial Agreement Serves

The importance of having a postnuptial agreement in place cannot be overstated. After a period of marital discord leading to divorce, a well-worded postnuptial agreement can prevent further conflict and make the entire divorce process go more smoothly. Both spouses are in a better position to know how the division of assets will take place and what to expect from the other spouse when it comes to organizing their financial lives.

Besides resolving potential disputes, a postnuptial agreement can often prevent disputes from arising to begin with. By establishing what will occur when circumstances arise, realistic expectations can be set for both spouses. It can also protect you from debts incurred by the other spouse.

It is highly advisable that each spouse has their own legal representation when it comes to the drafting of postnuptial agreements. This ensures that the rights and interests of both parties receive protection.

Do I Need A Postnuptial Agreement?

While there are a number of reasons for why you may need a postnuptial agreement, such agreements are particularly useful when changed circumstances arise. This can include:

  • Significant increases in family income
  • You or your spouse are beginning a new business venture
  • There has been reconciliation following a marital separation

It is best not to leave such matters up to chance. At the Lauzon Paluch, we draft agreements with the proper safeguards in place.

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