A Law Firm Focusing On Family Law

At our firm, we are passionate about the work we do and the people we help.
We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for every client.

Results-Oriented Family Law Representation

Lauzon Paluch in Los Angeles provides services and representation for people in a broad range of challenging family law matters. We excel in all aspects of family law, including divorce, custody and property division. We have also developed an emphasis in interstate and international custody and jurisdiction matters.

We take a practical, problem-solving approach, seeking positive solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. However, we never compromise when it comes to protecting our clients’ rights and interests. Assertive in negotiations and aggressive in court, we will work tirelessly to achieve your goals.

Our Commitment To You And Your Family

Our firm is distinguished as one of few firms that has the knowledge and skill to handle the complicated issues involved with family law matters within and beyond California state boundaries. When you speak with us, we will listen and take action on your behalf. We offer you and your family the following:
Effective settlement negotiation and vigorous trial advocacy
Cost-benefit analysis of issues and recommendations

preparation of
every case

International Custody Disputes

We understand the importance you place on the well-being of your children. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the Hague Convention and U.S. laws as they apply to international child custody disputes, parental abductions and wrongful retentions.
If your child is living in California, we will tenaciously represent you. If your child currently lives abroad, we can take the fight across national borders.

Experienced In High-Asset Property Division Cases

  1. Though our firm represents clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and income levels, we have extensive experience in cases involving complex property division matters.
  2. Our attorneys augment their knowledge with that of experts in appropriate disciplines such as business valuation specialists, tax accountants and investment professionals.
  3. Whether your divorce involves the ownership of a business, real estate, international assets or another complex issue, you can depend on the Lauzon Paluch for vigorous representation.

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