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Why Planning for Divorce is a Good Idea

The decision to divorce can be made in the heat of the moment or after years of watching a marriage fail. Although it is not always possible, it can be better if you take some time to plan for divorce. Many people start to think about divorce at the beginning of the...

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Lawyers understand divorce lingo

It's no surprise that when you go through a divorce, there's a lot of divorce jargon that will get thrown around, used in documents and ultimately end up in an agreement. What does it mean when your soon-to-be ex says they are a victim of inhuman treatment? What...

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Do you need a postnuptial agreement?

You may be no stranger to a prenuptial agreement. This legal document serves to eliminate a lot of the conflict in the event of a divorce by deciding on matters, such as property division, before the marriage takes place. However, you cannot prepare for everything...

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Divorce and your California vacation home

When you and your spouse divorce in California, you must find a way to divide all your properties equally, or else the court does it for you. Real estate can be tricky to split, and your vacation home may come with even more challenges. Is it marital or separate...

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