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Attorneys Who Know How To Handle International Custody And Divorce Cases

Lauzon Paluch represents clients throughout Southern California and beyond. Our clients include local people who have married in another country or foreign clients married here. We have 47 years of combined family law experience. Attorney Peter Lauzon is known for his level of knowledge in international matters involving custody.

Whether here or abroad, we assist our clients through the divorce process and each of the main elements:

The Law Firm You Need For International Family Law Issues

Due to the different potential laws involved across the world, divorce is more complex. We are skilled at identifying and addressing the various factors involved, including:

  • Where does the divorce action belong? In a state here or another country? If here, we look at what ways we can keep it here. If abroad, we utilize our international contacts and refer clients to quality attorneys overseas.
  • Do we need to associate with local counsel in another country? If so, we work with lawyers from all over the world to provide assistance in foreign laws and procedures.
  • If the action involves children in a country not party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, we must look at ways to ensure the children will return here for visitation with the domestic parent.

We have handled cases all over the globe in countries like Canada, Denmark, Mexico, Finland, France, Norway, India, Italy, Australia and Hungary. Call our Los Angeles office to learn how we can help you.

Work With Experienced Hague Convention Lawyers

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