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Attorneys Who Care About Your Adoption

Adoptions can be complicated and require legal assistance. Together, we will help you navigate the complex processes of adoption. Whether private, foster, step parent, domestic partner, or contested adoption, we assist clients in Southern California and beyond.

At the Lauzon Paluch, we represent families through any of the complexities of adoption proceedings:

The Law Firm You Want When Growing Your Family in Los Angeles

When considering adoption, the challenges can seem to be overwhelming. We are skilled at methodically addressing your needs, the needs of the child and the requests of the court.

International Adoption

Thousands of children are adopted abroad and can sometimes be a faster way to welcome a new adopted child into your home. International adoptions are subject to laws both in the United States and in the country the child is from. An experienced adoption attorney will guide you through the legal process of international adoption.

Private Adoption

Sometimes a newborn is placed directly with adoptive parents, sometimes at the time of birth. The Lauzon Paluch is familiar with the process for private adoption either in state or out of state.

Adoption Litigation – Contested Adoption

Anytime an adoption is contested, you need the very best of legal council to analyze the exact specifics of your case. Sometimes a contested adoption happens when hearings are set after a birth parent does not terminate parental rights, resulting in either a pre-trial settlement or trial proceedings occur.

Foster Adoption

An adoption out of foster placement can mean that a child is given a second chance at his or her best life. Typically, in these types of adoption cases, a child lives with a foster family until either the foster parent meets the state’s requirements in a set time frame or the state seeks termination of parental rights of the biological parents. This process many times takes place in conjunction with social services agencies.

Step parent/ Domestic Partner Adoption

When a step parent is ready to become the child’s legal parent there are many factors to consider. Many times, this process involves some extra steps since after filing, an investigation will be conducted. Our attorneys can help the process go smoothly for the child by writing agreements for the provision of limited information or contact with the other parent about the child, helping to avoid conflict in the proceedings.

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