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Tips for creating a successful parenting plan

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2016 | Divorce |

The divorce process for parents in California is difficult for many reasons. One of your biggest worries is how your divorce will impact your children. A carefully devised parenting plan can help ease your fears.

Parenting time arrangements will document when each parent will see their children and can set provisions for holidays, summer time and vacations. Parents who have a good relationship with each other can agree to more flexible arrangements, making the parenting plan more of an outline.

Whether you get along well with your ex or you cannot be in the same room, it is important to have a parenting plan that addresses your needs and potential concerns. You should consider the following tips when drafting your parenting plan:

  • Your children come first: your parenting schedule should allow both parents to spend quality time with your kids.
  • Be realistic about holidays: the holidays are a time to enjoy your family, not stress over your parenting plan. Put a plan in place now, but be willing to be flexible to let your children enjoy time with their whole family.
  • Don’t forget about vacation time: include vacation time with your kids in your parenting plan so you can sit back and relax together.
  • Consider travel time: if you and your ex do not live close to another, your parenting plan may not want to include mid-week trips if it will not work for one or both parents.
  • Tailor the plan to each parent’s needs: consider each parent’s working hours and hobbies when creating your schedule to make sure both parents are able to spend quality time with the kids.

A parenting plan that addresses these issues can help you and your ex understand your responsibilities and help you enjoy your time with your children. Every parenting plan should be unique and specific to your actual lifestyle and needs.

Working with a family law attorney can help you explore your options and create a parent time arrangement that works for you and your kids.