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Knowledgeable Child Custody Attorneys

As a parent, you care deeply about your children. The attorneys at the Lauzon Paluch in Los Angeles, share your concerns. We work tirelessly to protect our clients’ parental rights, and secure custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interest of their children.

We represent clients in all types of child custody and visitation matters in California, including:

Finding Custody And Visitation Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Whenever possible, we prefer to use negotiation to obtain custody and parenting time arrangements that are fair, practical and enhance the lives of children. Agreements obtained in this manner can keep legal costs reasonable, reduce the possibility of conflict and lay the groundwork for cooperation in child-rearing duties.

Having represented numerous parents in such negotiations, our lawyers have creative solutions that can help you and your child adapt to life after divorce.

Strong Advocates In Child Custody Disputes

Negotiated custody and visitation solutions are not possible in every case. Our law firm has earned a reputation for strong advocacy in contested custody cases, including those involving domestic and international parental abduction issues. We will tenaciously represent you, working hard to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Whatever your situation, we will provide you with counsel, guidance and results-oriented representation. You and your children deserve nothing less.

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