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Family Law Attorneys Knowledgeable In the Dividing Of Foreign Assets

Lauzon Paluch is one of leading law firms in the Los Angeles area handling international family law cases. Our firm has handled international divorce and child custody cases around the globe, including Canada, Denmark, Mexico, Finland, France, Norway, India, Italy, Australia and Hungary.

With more than 47 years of combined family law experience, our attorneys have the investigative resources, advocacy skills and international contacts needed to address property division matters in virtually any country. When you retain our law firm, we will make every effort to protect your rights and property interests.

Divorce Proceedings Involving International Assets

Regarding a divorce involving property in a foreign country, there are two possible scenarios:

If a divorce proceeding is being heard in a court in this state — The community property laws of California will apply, just as if the property in question were located here. We will vigorously represent you, working diligently to obtain the best possible marital property settlement for you.

If the divorce proceeding is being heard by a court in a foreign country — The property division laws of that country will apply. Our firm has established relationships with many leading family law firms around the world. We can refer you to a law firm that has the particular set of skills and capabilities that are best suited for your case.

When necessary, we can use our international contacts to locate assets and provide other assistance in support of your case.

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