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Lawyers Handling Complex Property Division Issues

California law requires that assets be divided fairly between spouses in a divorce. This involves determining whether every asset is separate or community property. At the Lauzon Paluch, we use careful analysis and research to accurately determine property values and obtain optimal settlements for clients with complex property division cases.

The Kind Of Representation We Provide

Our family law lawyers bring 47 years of combined family law experience to every case they handle. Throughout Southern California, our firm represents high net worth clients who must divide valuable assets, including:

  • Multiple businesses
  • Real estate properties
  • Increase in value of businesses
  • Stock options
  • Pension plans
  • Art collections
  • Antique collections

These types of divorces are complex due to the value of assets, how the assets were acquired, how they increased in value and reason for the value increase. In addition, tax implications are often very important to our clients and we provide advice on the best way to handle various assets.

In order to provide accurate information and valuations, we often rely on financial experts such as appraisers and accountants. The outcome of the property division aspect of divorce can greatly impact our clients, and we seek to achieve a fair settlement in any situation.

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