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Helping You With Divorce Asset Protection Strategies

Many of our clients have significant wealth, property and other assets. They are business owners, executives, professional athletes and those in the entertainment industry. We provide strategies and recommendations to protect their assets in the context of family law situations.

We are the Lauzon Paluch, a family law firm providing trusted counsel to clients in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Asset Protection Services

The best form of asset protection occurs prior to entering into a marriage. We counsel our clients on the best methods to preserve and protect their property. If the marriage results in divorce, we address these issues on the back end, helping clients retain as much of what is theirs as possible.

Prenuptial agreements are an efficient way to decide issues prior to marriage so that there is less dispute if the couple later divorces. These agreements are a method of identifying separate property. They can also change the character of community property and predetermine spousal support amounts. We can be as creative as necessary when preparing and negotiating prenuptial agreements to meet the special needs of our clients.

We encourage our clients to address asset protection ideas prior to marriage. If they are not entering into a prenuptial agreement, we advise clients to identify separate property early on and make sure not to comingle the property.

One of the most difficult aspects of property division during divorce is identifying separate and community property, especially when they have been mixed. If each spouse knows exactly what is in the pot and who it belongs to, it is easier to divide later.

We work with our clients to develop a clear understanding of how all involved property is categorized so they will be better protected in the future.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Financial disclosure is a vital aspect of marriage and is something that must be done throughout the marriage and definitely during divorce.

During the marriage, both spouses should have knowledge of the financing as it relates to community property. If one spouse conceals debt or hides assets during the marriage, the other may file an action for breach of fiduciary duty.

Similarly, during a divorce, there must be full disclosure about property by both spouses. Failure to do so, including hiding or selling assets, can be grounds for a lawsuit.

Our family law lawyers are dedicated to helping clients protect their assets prior to or after a marriage.

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