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Protecting Your Assets And Rights During Divorce

Sometimes a spouse will transfer community assets into a secret account over a period of time, either for use as a safety net or to fund activities without the knowledge of the other spouse. Some spouses may suddenly transfer assets or retitle property in anticipation of divorce. In other cases, a spouse may attempt to keep income hidden for the purposes of reducing the amount of child support. When these actions are revealed during the divorce process, it can result in acrimonious litigation.

At the Lauzon Paluch in Los Angeles, we have represented numerous people in divorce cases involving hidden assets. If your spouse has secreted community assets without your knowledge, we will vigorously represent you. We also represent high-earning individuals who wish to protect their separate assets during divorce litigation.

Investigating Hidden Assets Matters

Divorce cases involving hidden assets and child support disputes involving hidden income require careful investigation. Our firm retains the services of financial professionals such as forensic accountants, CPAs and private investigators who can trace the disposition of community assets such as:

  • Hidden bank accounts
  • Transfers of community assets and real property to family members or third parties
  • Squandering of community assets through gambling, extramarital affairs or other activities
  • Offshore accounts not revealed in initial discover efforts
  • Underreported income

Under California law, a spouse has a duty to reveal all community assets. Our attorneys will hold an offending spouse responsible for failing in this duty. On the other hand, a person can certainly transfer separate assets while complying with the law. Aggressive and experienced, our attorneys will work diligently to locate and protect what belongs to you.

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