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Helping You Value Your Business During Divorce

Lauzon Paluch in Los Angeles, California, provides results-oriented representation in divorce cases involving complex property division issues, including ownership of businesses and professional practices.

Our attorneys understand how to properly value such enterprises and how to defend valuations in settlement negotiations or in court. Whether you are a business owner or the spouse of a business owner, we can represent you.

Revealing The True Value Of A Company

In the Greater Los Angeles area, there are any number of business valuation specialists who can provide business division opinions. At our firm, we choose business valuation specialists who comprehensively examine the operations, assets and liabilities of the business to uncover the true net worth of the business. This will include not only the physical assets of the business but also intangible assets such as the value of any trademarks, intellectual property, tax loss carry forwards and tax liabilities.

Certain types of industry sectors have unique commercial practices. We are cognizant of this fact, and choose business valuation specialists who are highly knowledgeable concerning the operations and commercial practices of particular industries. The business valuation specialists we utilize will be well-prepared to defend their findings.

Valuing A Professional Practice

A professional practice such as a medical, dental or accounting practice is a profit-making business, but they differ from businesses with substantial physical assets. Instead, different factors can affect the realizable value of these practices such as:

  • The earning power of the professional
  • How close he or she is to retirement
  • The size and loyalty of the client base
  • Whether the practice can be sold or must terminate upon the retirement of the professional

In some long-term marriages, spouses of professionals may have sacrificed their own careers or contributed their earnings to fund the education of their spouses. We know ways to properly value these contributions and will work diligently to protect your rights to compensation for such contributions.

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