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Revisiting Family Law Orders

Nothing in life is certain and circumstances change. After your divorce or the adjudication of a family law matter, you may have cause to seek a modification of a child support, spousal support or child custody order.

At the Lauzon Paluch in Los Angeles, California, we regularly represent people who seek to modify family law orders and those who wish to preserve existing orders. We also represent parents facing interstate custody and child support issues. Our extensive experience in such matters enables us to work efficiently, and we seek results for our clients in a cost-effective manner.

Modifying Child Support Or Spousal Support

When a material change of circumstances occurs, it may be possible to obtain a modification of a support order. A prolonged period of involuntary unemployment or underemployment, an illness, or a significant increase in a person’s salary may provide sufficient grounds for a modification. Because the amount of child support is partially dependent on the amount of time a child spends with each parent, a change in the visitation schedule may also be sufficient to modify a child support order.

Modifying Child Custody And Visitation

It may become necessary for a parent to seek a modification of a child custody or visitation order. In some cases, it may be possible for us to negotiate a workable visitation schedule with the other party. In other cases, litigation may be required to protect parental rights. This is especially true when a proposed child relocation threatens to deprive a parent of their custody or visitation rights.

Whatever your situation, the attorneys at the Lauzon Paluch will vigorously represent you.

Enforcing Support And Custody Orders

If a person fails to comply with a support or child custody order despite being aware of the order, that person could be found in contempt. The offender could then face the possibility of fines or jail time.

If the other parent is not complying with a support or custody order, our firm can go to court on your behalf seeking to enforce that order. We also represent people in cases involving child support and spousal support arrears.

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