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Helping Parents During Instate Child Custody Cases

Child custody, visitation and support orders that cross state lines are more difficult to put in place and enforce. Working with an experienced interstate child custody lawyer can help make the process more efficient.

At the Lauzon Paluch, we assist clients with all the legal problems that accompany parental relocation and child custody between different states. With 47 years of combined family law experience and a focus on interstate and international issues, our lawyers are uniquely qualified to assist Southern California clients with:

  • Structuring visitation arrangements that are appropriate for both parents and the children
  • Preparing child support orders
  • Enforcing child support orders

Knowledgeable Advice Regarding Complex Jurisdiction Matters

Determining what court has jurisdiction is always a key issue in cases involving different states. Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), which is the controlling set of laws which determine the home state of the child, any new custody issues will be heard by a court in that state.

Jurisdiction is different, however, when we are trying to enforce an existing order. Enforcing child custody and support orders in another state involves a separate decision on which court has jurisdiction.

Navigating these complicated jurisdictional components to interstate family law cases is what we excel at. Through every step of the case, we keep you informed and provide the skilled guidance you need to make decisions that will affect you and your children. We also handle cases across country borders. Visit our International Custody page for more information.

Get The Legal Representation You Need

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