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Life After Divorce Legal Representation

Divorce changes the lives of everyone involved: spouses, children, relatives and friends. After the disputes are resolved, it is important to make sure you are still protected financially and emotionally.

At the Lauzon Paluch, we counsel our divorce clients on what to prepare for and what to expect following a divorce. Throughout Southern California, our family law attorneys have provided trusted advice and advocacy for 47 years combined. Whether you are involved in a high-asset divorce or an international divorce, we can help. We utilize cost-benefit approaches that are made to fit our clients’ individual needs.

Financial planning. When preparing for divorce, it is important to choose an appropriate financial planner. This expert can help you plan for the financial changes underway and make sure you stay on track with your own individual goals for yourself and your children. We will ensure you have the necessary contacts and resources you need.

Realistic expectations. Your lifestyle during the marriage might not be same post-divorce. We are here to answer your questions and address your concerns regarding how to make the transition. We emphasize the necessity of becoming knowledgeable about financial issues if you were not the one handling the finances during the marriage.

Managing emotions. Divorce can be emotional, traumatic and damaging. We encourage our clients as they encounter varying feelings. We help them understand the emotional aspects after divorce are similar to the stages of grief associated with death. We provide a welcoming environment for clients to feel secure. We become part of their support circle.

The children come first. Whenever children are involved in divorce, the primary focus must be on their best interests. We talk with our clients about how to make sure both parents act in ways to minimize the impact of divorce on the children.

Post-Divorce Financial Planning

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