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Aggressive Representation In Child Support And Spousal Support Matters

Once issued, an order to pay child support or spousal support requires one party to make monthly payments to the other party. If the payer falls behind in these payments, the person entitled to receive support can seek to enforce the order.

Lauzon Paluch represents people entitled to receive child support and spousal support, as well as those required to pay support. We work diligently to achieve cost-effective results in a timely manner.

Enforcement Of Support Orders In California

If you are not receiving the child support or spousal support you are entitled to receive, our law firm can go to court on your behalf.

We can seek to garnish the wages of the payer or obtain a writ of execution that can enable us to seize funds in the payer’s bank accounts. If circumstances warrant, we can even seek an order requiring the payer to deposit up to a year’s worth of child support payments into an interest-bearing account in trust for the child.

Sometimes, there are disputes over the exact amount of child support or spousal support that is owed. We can file a motion for determination of arrearages and vigorously represent you.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Pay The Support You Owe?

If you fail to pay child support, the California DMV can suspend your driver’s license. Before that happens, speak with an attorney who can help.

Illness, an accident or unemployment can cause one to fall behind in child support or spousal support payments. If circumstances have changed significantly since the issuance of a child support or spousal support order, we can seek to modify the order to reduce the amount of future payments you must make.

Our firm can also refer you to a bankruptcy lawyer so that you can obtain debt relief. Though child support obligations are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, the debt relief you receive can make it much easier for you to cover your support payments.

Contact Our Firm

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