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Assisting Clients In High-Asset Divorce Cases

High-asset divorces are among the most contested and complex family law matters. When there is a lot at stake, it is important to have quality legal representation.

Lauzon Paluch provides our clients with effective legal solutions to resolve any high-asset divorce dispute. We represent clients throughout Southern California.

Issues To Resolve

Every couple’s divorce is different and has its own issues. There are many aspects common to the high-asset divorces we routinely handle, such as:

  • The existence of a prenuptial agreement: Looking at whether it is valid or whether it can be set aside
  • Acquisition of community property assets during the marriage: Identifying how those assets were acquired (through separate property or through community property)
  • Business ownership: Did either spouse own an existing business prior to marriage? If so, did it increase in value during the marriage and why?
  • Inheritances prior to or during marriage
  • Comingling of separate property with community property: Evaluating the effects of mixing different types of property
  • Length of the marriage: Assessing whether spousal support is needed and how the property division affects support amounts and need
  • Lifestyle of the parties
  • Lifestyle of the children
  • Child support: Determining if it is necessary to try to deviate from the guidelines
  • Division of debt: How should debts be apportioned?

We are dedicated to protecting our clients, their rights and their interests. Family law lawyer Peter Lauzon and his team seek to develop strategies that will get them a fair share in the property division and the best overall results possible throughout their divorce.

Learn About Your Options

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